Little Known Facts About La Señorita official video La Se n Orita.

Laura Riser: Yo no creo que ningún niño es concebido por accidente. Se que Dios conoce a cada niño, los conoce por su nombre y tiene una proyecto para cada uno de ellos.

10 cuidado con este, que es capaz de ir con el cuento al profesor le fue con el cuento a la maestra

Claudio: Amusing how coincidences get the job done, I was almost to connect with you. Jorge and I ended up speaking and in the course of the discussion this concept came to my intellect

Manuela: Look, Gonzalo was in the position to influence my son to go to the States to complete his education, because the kid was heart damaged. You daughter shouldn’t have lied to him, shouldn’t have saved her pregnancy from him. Which was extremely small.

Manuela: Sanson you realize quite a bit of men and women In this particular neighborhood. It will likely be really easy for you to discover a place for Sergio. Pay attention, I'm begging you please assistance me in order that he doesn’t have to stay on the road.

Manuela: Oh honey, I do know you and I realize you’re not like that enjoy. But appear, in a very sexist Modern society like ours, it’s a hell of a whole lot simpler to blame the woman than to create The person accountable.

Gonzalo: You know, you’re appropriate. A scandal today could well be actually undesirable for small business. Give me an hour and I’ll manage that little trouble.

se fueron they went; they still left; se fue de la reunión sin decir nada she left the Conference without the need of indicating something; es hora de irnos it's time we were heading; me voy, ¡hasta luego! I am off, see you!; vete a hacer los deberes go and do your homework; se le fue un hijo a Alemania one of her sons went to Germany; ¡vete!

Narradora: Originalmente introducida a finales de los ochenta, la autora de la versión revisada del Tratado de Libertad de Elección es la cenadora Bárbara Baxter, de California. El TLL ahora proclama que el gobierno no puede negar o interferir con el derecho de una mujer a tener un hijo, a terminar su embarazo antes de la viabilidad del feto, o a terminar su embarazo después de la viabilidad del feto, donde lo propio sea necesario para proteger la vida o la salud de la mujer, lo cual se traduce en la carencia absoluta de regulaciones para la demanda de aborto.

Oiga puede que lo hayan engañado, pero usted mató a un hombre, eso es seguro, o sea que escóndase

Narradora: Quizás link una de las victimas potenciales mas vulnerables del Acta de find more Libertad de Elección sean los no natos diagnosticados con síndrome de down.

Don’t look at me like that. Don’t check out me like that, I'm not implying just about anything or sentencing anybody. It’s just that, person, Lucrecia has all the things any person could want in a lady, and if you don’t take it, there'll be somebody else who will take advantage and will.

Manuela: Wouldn´t you like to have me for your espresso? It’s the minimum I can do after your invitation.

Gonzalo: Of course you did. And it had been your past mistake. I need you to definitely Visit the administration Workplace instantly, and Stop. I need you out of this city tomorrow. It’ both that, or I’ll cope with you relatives, and after that deal with you. Wander away now.

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